Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Chain - Section 2: Guided Practice


 I tell the class that we are going to make a story chain for eating dinner. It gets their ideas flowing. I like to try to connect any new skill or concept to something that I know they are familiar with.  I believe connecting new knowledge to prior knowledge enhances memory.  It also makes the concept seem applicable to the real world.  Common Core concentrates on getting students ready for college and career.  Thinking about this, I try as much as possible to connect every lesson to a real life scenario.  When designing tasks I even try to make them something that they might need to know how to do in a job or at home.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Design
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Unit 1: Plot
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT retell the key details in the text.

Big Idea: Build retelling skills with a hands activity. Students engage in creating their own story chain.

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