Reflection: Students with Disabilities Using "V" to Annotate Visualized - Section 3: V is for Visualize


Students with disabilities often struggle with writing. It is easier for them to draw rather then right multiple sentences. A sticky note can be drawn on and allows for these learners to get their ideas down but in less demanding way. I will not have them draw on all of their sticky notes because I do want them to practice getting their ideas onto paper. 

Now that the strategy has been taught it might be fun to allow all the students to draw their visualization at some point during their reading. 

  Pictures Instead of Words
  Students with Disabilities: Pictures Instead of Words
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Using "V" to Annotate Visualized

Unit 22: CLOSE Readings
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT annotate using the letter "V" to show when they visualized information presented while reading a complex text.

Big Idea: With our Columbus biography students will learn a new way to annotate information that they can visualize to help with comprehension. We will use sticky notes to track when we visualize and use those visualizations in our discussions later.

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