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I rushed this lesson a bit at the end as I had lost track of time. I rushed my students through the explanation of the Change of Base formula. This was evident to me when I read their responses to the Change of Base Tweet. The responses were all over the place and I had many students respond that they didn't know which really isn't typical of my students… they normally try to guess at least. I honestly am not too concerned about their lack of understanding here as I am questioning the importance of the Change of Base formula as it is. (See reflection in the section above for more on that!)

  Pacing: Pacing and Student Responses
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Solving Exponential Equations Using Logs

Unit 5: Logarithmic Functions and Equations
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT solve exponential equations and explain the change of base formula for logarithms.

Big Idea: Learning to use logs to solve exponential equations leads into discovery of the change of base formula which is summarized in a Math Tweet.

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Math, logarithms, Relations and Functions, logarithmic function, solving exponential equations with logarithms, Change of Base Formula, equation
  50 minutes
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