Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Using the Protractor - Section 2: Practice


While monitoring student work, not as many students as I thought were able to use the protractor correctly.  I knew I could spend more time on teaching the skill of protractors to them but when referring back to the CCSS and my unit assessment, I decided it wasn’t necessary.  I think as I dive deeper into the common core I am discovering how well it is constructed.  Previously protractors were part of my fifth grade math curriculum and we spent a lot of time on using them.  But, when I step back and think of the geometry concepts I am teaching instead of protractors, I get it.  Common core is a process.  You must have a good understanding of the building blocks in order to get to higher levels.  For example, we have to fully understand the two-dimensional shapes and their attributes so that we can use that to determine how to draw an object to scale in later grades.  I truly believe in the process.


  It's a Process
  Adjustments to Practice: It's a Process
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Using the Protractor

Unit 7: Geometry
Lesson 6 of 22

Objective: Students will use their knowledge of acute, obtuse, and right angles to assist them in measuring angles with a protractor.

Big Idea: Protractors are useful tool that can be used for many situations.

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