Reflection: Student Feedback Revisiting Synthesis Essay/Reading Memoir - Section 2: Revisiting Model Essay


After meeting with many of the students and noting to the class how most will have to scrap much of their drafts, they were quite attentive to the model.  I think that many of these students have had success in writing the traditional literary analysis essay, and had success writing in other content areas that don't focus quite as much on language use when assessing, so they just assumed this would be the same.  At least that is my theory, because I know they generally work hard at their school work.  Whatever the reason, I think they got the message about the importance of using the model, and how these essays they are writing are a little different than the ones they've done in English class in the past, so they have to pay attention to the details.  I guess this is a goal of the whole year--pay attention to the small details!

  Using the Model
  Student Feedback: Using the Model
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Revisiting Synthesis Essay/Reading Memoir

Unit 6: Thematic Unit: Gender and the Rhetorical Power of Narrative
Lesson 2 of 12

Objective: SWBAT develop their central idea in a synthesis argument through the use of a model essay.

Big Idea: Following a model is an important step in learning to write in a new genre.

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