Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Initial Reading of "The White Umbrella" - Section 3: Initial Read of "The White Umbrella"


My role in today's lesson occurred prior to the lesson and after the lesson. During the actual class time, I didn't have to do much, especially because I put a student in charge of pausing the audiobook.  I could walk around, check out what they wrote on their sticky notes, and take pictures.  Did you see the absolutely adorable lesson picture?  It's so cute it killed me dead. It's nice to have a day of instruction where I am not actually critical. 


Prior to the lesson, I spent time deciding where I'd want students to stop. I decided how I wanted students to record their answers.  I love the idea of sticky notes, but sticky notes are often unrealistic.  It takes so many sticky notes if every student writes down six questions.  I am currently swimming in sticky notes.  Next time, I might have them divide a sheet of paper into six sections.  The sections can still be taken apart for sorting, but it won't be a pile of sticky notes bigger than all the galaxies combined.  And I love sticky notes!  The best birthday present I ever got was one of those pop-up sticky note dispensers and a pound of sticky notes.  There were still too many sticky notes for me.


After the lesson, I spent time collecting the words they'd come up with. The image to the left shows the words that my first and fourth hours assembled.  The words in red are the ones that more than one student wrote down.  Since the next part of the shared inquiry model is vocabulary, these words help me shape that activity. 


What will I do?  You'll have to click on tomorrow's lesson for that!




  My Role in Today's Lesson
  Student Led Inquiry: My Role in Today's Lesson
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Initial Reading of "The White Umbrella"

Unit 5: Developing Critical Thinking with Shared Inquiry and Socratic Circles
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT analyze literary elements and point of view by generating questions and identifying important vocabulary words for "The White Umbrella."

Big Idea: Students use the shared inquiry method to read and analyze a short story.

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