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When planning I have found that if I plan every detail of the lesson and do not leave room for improvisation, I run the risk of making the lesson irrelevant. I like to plan with some open room for student led direction and allow their learning to carry my instruction or the tasks that I want students to take part in. 

In this lesson, I leave the backside of the foldable open to allow for their ideas or discussion to guide what their writing will be. If they are reading and start asking lots of questions we might choose one to try to answer and use the text to support our answer. If they are predicting they can write to predict using the text. They might also need room to respond to their reading. This might be connecting to the character or situation. 

This happened the previous day when we read about how Louis Braille lost his eyesight. The students were very stricken with the tragedy and wanted to talk about it. I asked them to respond in writing to what they were feeling and thinking. This makes the task more relevant to the students because it is led by their ideas and interests. 

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Tracking My Reading

Unit 23: Later in the Year Reading Strategies
Lesson 2 of 2

Objective: SWBAT record words that they have decoded to show how they are using word parts in reading unknown words.

Big Idea: Often students that struggle with reading need more ways to see how they are using a reading strategy. By writing their strategy down they can track how they are using and own the strategy for themselves. This lesson shows students how they can track their

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