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There is clearly not enough time in the day to fully teach everything that I want!  Adding to the problem are the many transitional times throughout the day.  Transitions are a difficult time for an elementary educator because we have them all day long.  With that in mind I try to utilize every moment of the day as learning time.  In this lesson, as my class was logging off their computers, I could have just patiently waited for everyone to get into line but instead I saw that as time for learning.  Even though there was a little bit of noise in the room as students were moving around they were all still able to hear me and were able to respond.  It is vital to utilize the time as much as possible with the students. 

  Time to Move
  Transitions: Time to Move
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Introduction to Protractors

Unit 7: Geometry
Lesson 5 of 22

Objective: Students will be able to familiarize themselves with protractors.

Big Idea: Protractors are a vital part of geometry and will be utilized in concepts throughout future math lessons.

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