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One of the cornerstones of my classroom is Accountable Talk.  It is simply a way to have students begin furthering their level of responses by teaching them appropriate ways to respond to peers in a large or small group.  This form of fostering classroom discussion is AMAZING!  I can’t say enough about the success of this strategy in my classroom.  Once the students gain an understanding of Accountable Talk I feel as though it builds a confidence in them to share their responses in group. 

In my classroom I have an area of posted sentence starters to remind students how they can respond.  Although the examples I have posted are great for most activities, they don’t always fit.  For activities in which I have students share out to the group it is sometimes necessary to give them an example of an appropriate way to respond in a complete sentence.  In this lesson I gave the students a response and expected each student to use some variation of this complete sentence response. 

  Accountable Talk
  Classroom Setup: Accountable Talk
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Around the Room

Unit 7: Geometry
Lesson 2 of 22

Objective: Students will further their understanding of angle types.

Big Idea: Students will practice their knowledge of acute, obtuse, and right angles.

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  50 minutes
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