Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Should Animals Wear Clothes? 5 of 5 - Section 1: Warm Up


After the first day of a Unit, I like to review the information we discussed the day before.  I love to use templates and charts to organize the students thoughts.  Many times I have to prompt them and even give suggestions as to what can be used on the charts/templates.  The higher students catch on quick and will be more creative in their thinking.  As the week progresses, I like to put the charts side by side for the students to track our thinking and increase their understanding of what we are doing.  By the last day, most students have the whole thing memorized.  

  What do I think?
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: What do I think?
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Should Animals Wear Clothes? 5 of 5

Unit 2: Should Animals Wear Clothes
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: With prompting and support TSWBAT write a brief opinion paper using sentence frames and drawing an accompanying illustration.

Big Idea: Sentence frames provide ELLs language support and a framework to explain their thinking. They are used in this lesson to help students write a brief opinion paper in response to a story read aloud.

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