Reflection: I am Home and Stuck How Do I Get Help? - Section 2: Research the Internet


The time on the internet went smoothly.  I became really excited when a couple of my students shared a site I had not listed.  This site is WolframAlpha.

I also had a student show me an open source TI-84 emulator.  I have attached the direction on how to put this on your computer.  We have been struggling with getting an emulator put on our teacher computers so I have asked this student to come to our bi-weekly department meeting and help the teachers put the emulator on their laptops.

I also noticed one student who did not seem engaged.  I talked to her and found out that she did not see this lesson as important because she does not have access to the internet at home.  I now know that this student will need some extra time when we use computers.

Our library is open before and after school for students as well as 2 times per month on a Saturday.  I am not sure if the student will have a ride so this may also be an issue.

  Research the Internet
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I am Home and Stuck How Do I Get Help?

Unit 1: Introduction to Learning Mathematics
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Objective: SWBAT determine internet sites and tools to assist them with problems when they are at home or not in the classroom.

Big Idea: Through exploration good resources for getting help are found. Test internet tools such as online graphing calculators and common core tools to determine ease of use and accessibility.

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