Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Cinderella Here, Cinderella There, Cinderella Everywhere Day 2 of 5 - Section 5: Completing Graphic Organizer


This is November and I very happy to see my students so engaged in their work. I thought they did an excellent job reading because I saw them be focused and I saw joy in their faces as they read. The apprehension about the stories that I witnessed yesterday was gone and I witnessed my students become more comfortable with challenging text. These stories are challenging because they are not short stories and they contain sophisticated vocabulary. The familiarity of the storyline helped their understanding obviously, but I loved that they persevere with the task. I believe all this contributed to their success in completing the task.

Upon reflection, I made changes to the graphic organizer. I elaborated on the questions about the key details. For example, in describing Cinderella, I added the questions. What does she look like? What type of person is she? I have included a sample of the story map to refer to it. I felt I needed these changes to support my students with their thinking and to make the task more rigorous. The questions also helped them to be be better at locating the key details of the narrative.

At the end of the week, my students will use this same story map to write their own version of Cinderella.

With my small group, I had the students take turns reading the pages. I did this to check on their fluency. I asked questions as we read and took notice of who was answering and how they were answering. I felt the students were very confident about their reading and their comprehension, and while they read an abridged version, I saw that they still enjoyed the story. I discussed the word version with them. I told them I would read the unabridged version of Yeh-Shen so that they may have a chance to see the difference. I supported them with completing the story map as needed.

  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Reflecting on Completion of Graphic Organizer
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Cinderella Here, Cinderella There, Cinderella Everywhere Day 2 of 5

Unit 1: Cinderella Unit
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT read another version of a Cinderella story and identify the key details of the narrative.

Big Idea: Glass slippers, pumpkin carriages, fairy godmothers! I can't believe how many Cinderella stories there are!

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