Reflection: Relevance The Poetry of Poe: A Troubled Life - Section 3: "Biography": Edgar Allan Poe


In which I reflect on using movies, clips, and scenes in class. While we did not directly address the comparison between the presentation of Poe's life in class today, I did point out the biography in their textbook focuses far more on general perception of Poe as a "Gothic" writer, while the film portrays more depth, both as a writer of the "Romantic" movement, and a writer with a "romantic", passionate bent. We will continue to draw connections and comparisons, through homework, in-class writing, and discussion, between how of Poe, his life, and his writing is portrayed in the different media. 

  Relevance: Some Thoughts on "Biography"'
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The Poetry of Poe: A Troubled Life

Unit 8: Literacy: Brooding, Dark and Gothic Poetry and Short Stories (Romanticism Part II)
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Objective: SWBAT analyze various accounts of Poe's life portrayed in different mediums through comparison of details in the textbook and a biography video.

Big Idea: The darkness in life of Poe reflects the darkness his works are known for.

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