Reflection: Student Ownership The Poetry of Poe: A Troubled Life - Section 4: Two-Minute Warning: Wrap Up and Extension


As a teacher, I attempt to provide many options for my students to take ownership of the material, particularly through a variety of learning experiences and learning opportunities. the "Biography" video really plays up the struggles and loss of Poe's life, and during the response phase, one student clearly internalized this, as she blurted out, "Oh, that POOR MAN!" when I asked for reactions. 

  One Student's Reaction: Poor Poe
  Student Ownership: One Student's Reaction: Poor Poe
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The Poetry of Poe: A Troubled Life

Unit 8: Literacy: Brooding, Dark and Gothic Poetry and Short Stories (Romanticism Part II)
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Objective: SWBAT analyze various accounts of Poe's life portrayed in different mediums through comparison of details in the textbook and a biography video.

Big Idea: The darkness in life of Poe reflects the darkness his works are known for.

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