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A must share MP 1 victory.  This reflection is added after a reteaching of this lesson to students who struggled.  With this particular student, she stayed for our after school tutoring program with me and it pays off.

As stated at the bottom of this section, if you are truly allowing students to practice MP 1 properly, they will hate you! (SMILE) I know in time my precious little ones will appreciate the time they are given each day to try and solve, figure out, manipulate, and think on their own with the goal of solving problems using prior knowledge and critical thinking with little help from me.  At this point, my students are up in arms. 

I am slowly but surely having few "AH HAAA" moments.  One student struggle with the same objective over, and over, and over.  I kept sending her back with similar but different problems within the same objective.  We had one on one sessions, she could not figure out what the heck her difficulty was.  She could understand what to do during our one on one sessions, but when left on her own she kept making mistakes.  As we identified her mistakes, and began to log the mistakes, she used the log to help her not repeat that particular mistake, she did this until she finally got it.  I did nothing but go over her mistakes and made the suggestion for her to log what she was doing incorrect and for her to then go back and figure out what she should do next.  When she got it, it was like magic. She felt so good.  She cried after the fourth visit, thinking she would never get it. But once understanding set in, she was overjoyed.  The reward was much sweeter because of the work she put in to get there.

  MP 1, the one mathematical practice you will read a lot about!
  Routines and Procedures: MP 1, the one mathematical practice you will read a lot about!
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Solving Multi-Step problems giving part to whole ratios

Unit 4: Proportional Relationships
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT solve multi-step problems given part to whole ratios.

Big Idea: Using MP 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 students will grapple through and solve rigorous multi-step real world problems given a part to whole ratio.

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Math, proportions, modeling, pairing, Number Sense and Operations, group work, proportional relationships, ratios, proportional reasoning, part to whole ratio
  40 minutes
part to whole ratio
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