Reflection: Gradual Release Earthquake Terror: Continuing to Make Strong Inferences - Section 3: Guided Practice


During this section, I gradually released so that I worked with a small group who was feeling "shady hazy."  When we got to this part of the lesson, I asked scholars to put their thumbs up if they felt confident with what they were about to accomplish, thumbs down if they had no clue, and thumbs to the side if they felt shady hazy (meaning they sort of understood, but would like more practice with me).  Students are usually VERY honest about how they feel because their work is graded each week and they want to do well.  

Scholars who were a bit more confident immediately moved to work with their parters as I pulled the group of students who felt shady hazy or who had no clue.  This helped all scholars to successfully practice and work on their inferences. Also, it gave me more time to provide targeted support to those scholars who needed more help.  As students in my group felt more confident, I released them back into partnerships to continue the work on their own.  

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  Gradual Release: Gradual Release here
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Earthquake Terror: Continuing to Make Strong Inferences

Unit 5: Nature's Fury - Part I
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use quotes to support inferences in Earthquake Terror.

Big Idea: Let's practice making strong inferences!

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English / Language Arts, inference, perspective, text
  90 minutes
2010 chile earthquake   building destroyed in concepci n
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