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The activity went well, the kids liked it - but the question I answered the most as I shuffled around the room was "is it subtraction or plus a negative?"  I had a very difficult time getting students to realize that those are the EXACT same thing...even though we have spent several class periods on it.  What I ended up doing, which seemed to work well, was have kids use a red crayon/pen/marker to underline any words that implied something negative.  Then, when they went to write the equation, they could only make one negative per red line.  By doing that, students finally started seeing that you can't just throw subtraction in there, and make a number negative.  The other issue I came across was questions that asked for kids to find the change or difference - students struggled to place the highest number first in the equation, which led to the answer.  Detail was key - mathematical practice 6 really played a part in student success with this activity. 

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Adding and Subtracting Integers - Real World Applications

Unit 4: Operations with Rational Numbers
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Objective: Students will be able to identify and apply the correct procedures for solving addition and subtraction integer problems.

Big Idea: You can add. You can subtract. BUT can you identify which to do and carry out the right rules? This lesson give you practice with just that.

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