Reflection: Joy Cinderella Here, Cinderella There, Cinderella Everywhere Day 1 of 5 - Section 3: Reading Independently


Today, I noticed my students be a little hesitant about taking on the task of reading a version of Cinderella. I believed they were surprised by the length of the versions. I feel they expected the stories to be shorter. I wondered how they would do with the independent reading time. I provided support by pulling aside a group of students who I knew needed the support because of their reading capacity.  I didn't want this small group of students to feel limited to the type of Cinderella version they could choose. One of the students in this group chose Bigfoot Cinderrrrrella. Yet, he knew he couldn't finish the entire book on his own. He reads slow. In witnessing his decision and how he immediately encouraged the other students I wanted to work with, I decided to read aloud the story to the three of them. I am glad I followed my instincts; they were completely enthralled by the story and eager to get to their story map. And just as important, in reading the story, I still accomplished the goal of them answering key details about the story. I still built their background knowledge by widening their knowledge of the different versions of Cinderella stories. I still gave them a purpose for reading and I provided an entertaining experience as well. 

Given this is November I was thrilled to see the rest of my second graders reading independently for 20 minutes. While I couldn't check in on everyone to see how well they were reading, I could tell by their attention to their book and their whisper reading, that they were indeed reading. It's hard for second graders to be completely silent in their reading at this time. I can't say how much they were understanding, but in having to complete the graphic organizer, they would be prompted to reread, helping their conceptual understanding of the narrative.

Our reading program offers two anthologies. Today, I was very happy the students got to read unabridged stories. I am also glad I took the time to gather all the different versions by asking colleagues, buying a few, and visiting a couple of local libraries. I was happy to give them rich literature to choose.

  Joy: Reading Independently
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Cinderella Here, Cinderella There, Cinderella Everywhere Day 1 of 5

Unit 1: Cinderella Unit
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify the key details in a version of Cinderella.

Big Idea: What version did you choose?

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