Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Finding Theme and Author's Point of View in Memoir - Section 3: Independent Practice


The charts I made in this lesson “Point of Views in Memoirs” and “Themes in Memoirs” will become "anchor" charts in the room (ones that will stay at least until the end of the unit). I love anchor charts because sometimes I feel like I am repeating myself until I am blue in the face! Instead of getting frustrated, I can just point at them for students and remind them of possible themes and/points of view in a memoir (for reminders or small group work). I will also add to them as I see themes and points of view in students' rough drafts. 

  Using the Charts
  Diverse Entry Points: Using the Charts
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Finding Theme and Author's Point of View in Memoir

Unit 1: Using Mentor Texts,Generating Ideas and Planning for Drafting Memoirs
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Objective: SWBAT understand how and why authors write memoirs in order to craft their own writing.

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