Reflection: Modeling Gather-Hunt-Plant - Section 3: Extend Understanding


This writing is done in a very guided setting.  Students step through it with me, but they are allowed to pick their own words to complete each sentence.  

I begin by helping students write Wampanoag.  We call out each letter and write each letter one at a time.  I do this to make sure students pay attention to the detail of each letter within a word and how they need each letter to have a complete word.  I also like to reinforce the Common Core Foundational Skills of letters/sounds working together to make words.


  Modeling: Guided Writing
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Unit 6: Thanksgiving
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Objective: SWBAT will work in Groups and will be given their own pictures to sort by these categories “Planting”, “Gathering”, and “Hunting”. SWBAT write about the Wampanoag based on evidence.

Big Idea: Working together helps us to achieve more than we can alone!

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