Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Student-Led Conferences - Section 4: Independent Practice


Having the students complete a self-assessment on what they learned from the lesson was extremely powerful.  Most parents reported how impressed they were by their own child discussing his or her weaknesses and strengths.  The students were able to think about their own learning and assess their own thinking.  It truly is a valuable experience!

The students used the talking points to share their own thinking with their parents during the student-led conferences.  Students were empowered by the experience and even held a little more accountable because they had to explain to their parents why the performed the way they did. 

Great tool!

  Talking Points Reflection
  Student Self-Assessment: Talking Points Reflection
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Student-Led Conferences

Unit 3: Unit 2: Part I- Elements of Fiction
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT conduct a student-directed conference that showcases their progress throughout the first quarter of the school year.

Big Idea: Students take the lead and show off their hard work to their parents!

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