Reflection: Checks for Understanding "Interacting With the Text" Annotating for Understanding Text Day Two - Section 4: Wrap Up


This lesson was a good way to utilize a fun way to reinforce skills with students. In Georgia, our units require us to teach all of the standards in reading each grading period. So what happens is standards are continuously taught so students get numerous opportunities to master and apply them. This lesson allowed me to share the strategy with students in another way giving them more practice.

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  Checks for Understanding: Looking for Understanding
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"Interacting With the Text" Annotating for Understanding Text Day Two

Unit 8: Active Reading Interacting With the Text
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT take notes while reading to aid in understanding and responding to text based questions.

Big Idea: Students will learn that responding to the text while reading helps them comprehend and respond to text based questions.

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