Reflection: Checks for Understanding "Interacting With the Text" Day One - Section 3: Guided Practice


I like to let students work in groups or pairs first so I can get an idea of which students understand the strategy and which students need more help. I also think this approach allows students to feel comfortable in taking a risk at trying new strategies. Students really enjoyed this part of the lesson and i could hear a lot of discussions about the books. We have done several activities with main idea, but i like to give students several different ways to use a strategy.

  Assessing Students Understanding
  Checks for Understanding: Assessing Students Understanding
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"Interacting With the Text" Day One

Unit 8: Active Reading Interacting With the Text
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT take notes while reading to aid in understanding and responding to text based questions.

Big Idea: Students will learn that responding to the text while reading helps them comprehend and respond to text based questions.

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