Reflection: Classroom Setup Spooky Spiders: Researching Two Spiders - Section 1: Analyzing Arachnids: Conducting the Research


Conducting research projects without a computer lab is less than optimal.  I have been in both kinds of buildings. Currently, we have a laptop cart with laptops that are slower than slow, however, it's all we have.  I had my students do their research on these computers and it worked.  

In other buildings I've been in without a lab or laptop cart, I have done research projects one of two ways. Sometimes I used the computers as stations so students could do Internet research and the other stations contained books, magazines, newspapers or print outs from websites for the students to use.  In other instances, I have allowed my students to work in partners which minimizes the number of students who need computers.  Yet another time, I have used my classroom computers and allowed the students who were more proficient with Internet research to go to other teachers' classrooms to use their computers.

Whatever you need to do to structure your students' research, you must do it.  With the CCSS, it is essential that students have a command of technology whether your building does or not.

  Reflection: Operating Without a Computer Lab
  Classroom Setup: Reflection: Operating Without a Computer Lab
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Spooky Spiders: Researching Two Spiders

Unit 8: Beyond the Venn Diagram: Learning to Write A Compare and Contrast Paragraph
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT research two spiders chosen from a list to compile a list of similarities and differences.

Big Idea: Students must be able to effectively research a topic and compare the information gleaned in order to produce a product.

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