Reflection: Advanced Students Spooky Spiders: Writing the Final Compare and Contrast Paragraph - Section 2: Writing the Paragraph


When my own children's district switched to standards based report cards, there was much confusion over the "advanced" score or the "achieving beyond the standard" score.  I was very much concerned that my daughter, especially, wasn't receiving opportunities to reach beyond the standard.  Unfortunately, I feel like that happens for many gifted students- we know they get it so we don't worry about them.  

These gifted students before us need to be pushed and stretched and given the opportunity to expand their knowledge.  It isn't acceptable to differentiate for only the IEP, ELL or lower achieving students in the classroom.  We can't just assume they are above grade level without offering them the chance to show it.  

  Reflection: Standards Based Report Cards and the Gifted Student
  Advanced Students: Reflection: Standards Based Report Cards and the Gifted Student
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Spooky Spiders: Writing the Final Compare and Contrast Paragraph

Unit 9: Beyond the Venn Diagram: Learning to Write a Compare and Contrast Paragraph
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Objective: SWBAT write a compare and contrast paragraph using research they have found from the Internet.

Big Idea: In order to be successful in a technological society, students must be able to quickly and effectively research information and present it in a way that is understandable to others.

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