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I didn't have a lot of sources for my students to select from.  There are many versions of different fairy tales available. I wish I had more poetry and text available to allow them to explore a greater variety.  I think students would have been more engaged if I provided a greater selection.  I only had about six books for students to choose from. 

So, I found a website to help myself remember the many different fairy tales. I wish I printed different ones of these and used copies of the poems from You Read to Me and I'll Read to You by Mary Ann Hoberman. We just needed a greater selection.

  Providing Students with More Texts Choices
  High Quality Task: Providing Students with More Texts Choices
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Little Red Riding Hood

Unit 16: Similarities and Differences in Stories
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify the similarities and differences in two stories or characters.

Big Idea: Surprise students with another version of Little Red Ridinghood. This lesson is sure to engage the entire class.

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little red riding hood
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