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This was truly the most valuable part of the lesson.  I allowed the students time to work on this part on their own.  They had to decide where to place the fractions.  I called this their struggle time.  Some student got started right away, while others had a difficult time because of their lack of understanding of fractions.  After a few moments, I allowed them to work with their tablemates. During their conversation, I overheard them talking in terms of if the numerator and denominator being close together or farther apart would determine whether they were closer to zero or one.  Then I heard them talking about half and how they would figure out if the fraction was closer to 0, 1/2 or the whole.  One student said, you have to look at the denominator to figure out if it's half.

As students finished sorting their fractions, I went through each one and placed in on the board in the column the appropriate column as students advised me to.  If there were questions on any or if students disagreed, I placed a circle around it so we could discuss it as a group.

This part of the lesson formed the ground work for the remainder of class.  Unfortunately, this lesson took 2 days instead of one, but I wouldn't change it as the students had a great, conceptual understanding of fractions. 

Because the students had a good idea of how to use benchmark fractions they were able to compare and order with ease. 

I finished the day with comparing and ordering.  Day 2:  we worked with mixed and improper fractions and the performance task. 

 For students that struggled, I gave them a fraction sort to do at home.  They need to cut out the fractions on the first two pages.  Then fill in the numerators for the fractions on page 3 and 4.  The numerators should match the column heading of 0 1/2, 1, 1 1/2.

Fraction sort supplement

For examples:  0/3, 1.5/3, 3/3, 4.5/3.


Video example of a fraction in question.

  The most valuable part of this lesson
  Student Ownership: The most valuable part of this lesson
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Benchmark Fractions and more

Unit 4: Number Sense
Lesson 10 of 26

Objective: SWBAT use benchmark fractions to compare and order fractions.

Big Idea: When students understand how to use their benchmark fractions they can work more fluently to compute, compare, and order them.

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