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During the speakers presentation, the class was helping him come up with a list of senses they can use for observation. He did a great job of explaining the importance of observation, but then came the OOPS.

The first portion of the list was good and students were participating. They had ideas for how we can use our five senses to observe. When the speaker mentioned a sixth sense I was shocked. Of course to interrupt him would be embarrassing and fourth graders are not shy when they sense a mistake.

The sixth sense he was talking about was temperature and then he brought up the seventh sense of balance. Instead of correcting him in front of the students, I waited until the presentation was over. It is during this discussion that you can help students clarify the information.

In this case, I went back over the senses and we decided that we could move the sixth and seventh into the other ones.


  When you hear an OOPS!
  Backwards Planning: When you hear an OOPS!
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Write To Vote

Unit 4: Writing
Lesson 1 of 2

Objective: SWBAT write a brief paragraph using points from a guest speaker to make a class decision.

Big Idea: Guest speakers are a fun addition to a lesson, this lesson is designed to help students write their vote rather than simply polling them for what they want. Students then have to use evidence to support their vote.

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