Reflection: Math about Me - Section 2: Concept development


The guest teacher left a note saying how fun this lesson was. Here are my thoughts about it. I find it difficult sometimes leaving quality lessons for guest teachers to do.  Since this lesson came in the beginning of the year, I felt good about leaving an art lesson, especially one in which will allow students to practice MP.3.  While students aren't necessarily forming arguments in this lesson, they are taking the necessary steps that will lead to communicating about math.  In elementary school, students need lots of practice communicating about math, but they also need explicit instruction in how to talk about math.  By giving students low-risk activities, with opportunities to try phrases such as, "I think _____ because ______, they begin to solidify these phrases and then use them to form arguments about math as the year goes on.

  Math About Me
  Math About Me
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Math about Me

Unit 1: Getting to Know You- First Days of School
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Objective: Students will be able to evaluate important numbers in their life and create a poster using these numbers.

Big Idea: This is an art project in which students share and display numbers important to them in order to increase math communication and build a community of learners.

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