Reflection: ELL Students I learned it online - Section 3: Note taking


For this lesson, I had decided to have some of my students take notes and use those to complete their graphic organizer. As I circulated while they worked, I got the impression that they were not looking at their notes. However, the graphic organizer did reflect their notes. I wonder if writing the notes didn't help them remember the information better. It may be a strategy to try with English learners as well. They would get extra practice writing and may also benefit from doing both notes and graphic organizers. 

  ELL Students: Are they really using the graphic organizer and notes.
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I learned it online

Unit 2: Reading and Writing Informational Texts
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: SWBAT write a report after gathering information from a website.

Big Idea: The sooner the better: students must learn to surf ... the web.

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