Reflection: Modeling Multiplication Unit Assessment - Section 3: Assessment Discussion


Having students model their work is an excellent way to see if the students have a conceptual understanding of the skill.  For this particular assessment, it has shown me the students who have mastered the skill and the ones that do not have any idea what is going on with the skill.  By looking at the drawings or number lines, I can group the students accordingly and provide the necessary remediation.

  Modeling Multiplication
  Modeling: Modeling Multiplication
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Multiplication Unit Assessment

Unit 12: Multiplying and Dividing
Lesson 14 of 23

Objective: SWBAT utilize strategies learned, such as drawing models and rounding, to multiply multi-digit numbers.

Big Idea: Various strategies can be used to solve multi-digit multiplication problems.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Operations , multiplication, assessment
  45 minutes
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