Reflection: Joy Stories by the Fireside: Understanding "Snowbound" - Section 1: Intro and Welcome: Happy Birthday, Bram Stoker


In all of my daily intros, I try to create a sense of ownership in the classroom for my students. Today's allowed me to revisits a conversation we began days ago on Halloween, regarding scary stories. I had mentioned the Wendigo, but had not had an opportunity to tell the story. For some students, their reactions of the students as I told them the story showed their engagement, but for others, gave me chance to gauge who does not react to verbal-story telling, and who does not react to "scary" stories. Since we are moving into Edgar Allan Poe next week, I wanted to have a sense of these reactions when I could see the students face-to face, rather than the circle we sat in on Halloween. 

  Scary Stories: Results and Reflections
  Joy: Scary Stories: Results and Reflections
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Stories by the Fireside: Understanding "Snowbound"

Unit 7: Literacy: Poetry by the Fireside (Romanticism Part I)
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT analyze the impact of poetic devices in John Greenleaf Whittier's "Snowbound" to demonstrate understanding of how these devices create meaning.

Big Idea: Diction--not only the words themselves, but how they're used--is the essence of what makes a poem "poetic."

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