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Students have been struggling with the combination of addition and subtraction of integers, and this was to be expected.  Today's lesson gave them more opportunities to work with the problems - and I really stepped back.  Since the activity was self-checking in the sense that they were looking for a domino that had their answer on it, I tried as much as possible to put the questions back on the kids. 

Students are still wanting to go changing everything in the problem, which makes me wonder whether the idea of adding the opposite (same change opposite, keep change change...) is really the way to go.  This lesson afforded me the opportunity to sit and work with some of my lower students, and I had those students physically walk the number line to determine their answers.  I am left to wonder if they will ever make connections - maybe I am giving them a way out instead of forcing them to understand the concept? However, I had more success with the lower kids walking the number line than I have had with the idea of adding the opposite. 

  Dominoes Reflection
  Perseverance: Dominoes Reflection
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Addition and Subtraction of Integers - DOMINOES!

Unit 4: Operations with Rational Numbers
Lesson 10 of 23

Objective: Students will be able to solve a variety of addition and subtraction problems involving two or more integers.

Big Idea: Perfecting skills is important - this lesson gives students an opportunity to hone their skills.

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Integers, Math, 7th grade
  60 minutes
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