Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Stories by the Fireside: Collaborative Book Covers of Fireside Poetry - Section 2: Small-Group Poster Completion


Yesterday's Cornerstone gave the students an opportunity for a "break" as we slowed down to model instruction, but today we're back at it, with group mini-lessons on the poems. Overall, I feel the Jigsaw and Expert groups were a successful method to understand the "big ideas" present in these poems.  

While student discussion showed an understanding of the poetry's big ideas, the students fell short of addressing the explanation, "For each, briefly explain HOW the example shows the element of Romanticism, how do they evoke the emotion the author wants his reader to feel?" (Psalm of LifeFirst SnowfallThanatopsis). In order to make this up, students will address these things in our next writing samples. 


  Student Led Inquiry: More Thoughts on Collaboration: Keeping Students Focused
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Stories by the Fireside: Collaborative Book Covers of Fireside Poetry

Unit 7: Literacy: Poetry by the Fireside (Romanticism Part I)
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT identify the details of Romantic poetry that craft poetic themes through collaborative discussion and the creation of a book cover poster.

Big Idea: Romanticism in Practice in Poetry: Imagination, Inspiration from Nature, and Individuality!

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English / Language Arts, Poetry, Literature, Romanticism, collaborative learning, Fireside Poets
  50 minutes
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