Reflection: Intervention and Extension Independent Practice - Making Inferences with Quotes - Section 2: Teaching Strategy


In order to better organize written responses, I realized that my scholars needed something a bit more concrete.  On-the-spot I created a very simple acronym that they can use to remember how to organize a strong written response.  The acronym I used is ASLR. 

A- Answer question

S - Support with a direct quote from the text

L- Link quote to your answer ( explain HOW the quote supports the answer!)

R- Re-state your answer

I modeled how to use this and then scholars applied the acronym as they practiced independently.  This worked VERY well, especially for my weaker writers!  In fact, many scholars jot it on their notebook paper before they begin writing and check off each component to make sure they include all parts of their response.  

  Intervention and Extension: ASLR
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Independent Practice - Making Inferences with Quotes

Unit 1: We Are a Team: Building the Foundation
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Objective: SWBAT independently quote accurately from a text when making inferences

Big Idea: We know how to make inferences, now its time to practice!

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