Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Elements of Fiction: Assessment & Reflection - Section 2: Getting Down to Business


My students have been raised on multiple-choice tests.  They love to fly through them, fill in a bubble, and feel as though they have actually accomplished something.  I do this lesson to throw a monkey-wrench into their this-is-so-easy attitude.

To be successful in a Common Core world, our students are going to have to struggle with complex ideas and tasks.  It is our job to help them through this by modeling and talking about the sense of accomplishment that comes from grappling with complex ideas and texts.

This assessment has shocked so many of my students.  They can't believe that I'm going to give them points for writing about what they thought.  They can't believe they can get a "wrong" answer "right" if they simply describe what confused them and then take the time to work through that confusion.

The shift to Common Core is so much work, but it just feels so right!

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  Adjustments to Practice: Assessment shifts
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Elements of Fiction: Assessment & Reflection

Unit 3: The Elements of Fiction
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT take and review an assessment about the elements of fiction and write reflectively about their responses to assessment questions.

Big Idea: What makes a test a test?

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