Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Cinderella Here, Cinderella There, Cinderella Everywhere Day 4 of 5 - Section 2: Writing Independent Time


I am really enjoying watching my students write in different settings. I believe it is helping build confidence and most importantly helping them become better writers. One of my goals for my English Language Learners is for them to internalize the academic vocabulary I am teaching them. That is why I engage them in talking about they are writing and vice versa.

So what went well with the writing independent task? The CCSS asks students to work independently. My students were able to do so. I believe the sentence frames helped to support this independent task.

What could improve about this writing task? On what level did my students meet this objective? They met it at a basic level. Their analysis about the key details is superficial because their comparing and contrasting were about physical traits. The CCSS asks students to go deeper. This is my challenge to get them there. On the plus side, I have something to build on, a baseline.

How I will deepen their analysis? First of all, it will take time. I will have to model and have them practice. One way to have them practice is to take their different examples of their own sentences and have a class discussion about how to provide deeper analysis. We will have to discuss what a deeper analysis includes. Then, I can have them look at their own sentences and deepen them. We can share how the sentences have changed. I would this as a grammar lesson--so not during language arts. I feel in this way I keep the process authentic and rigorous. In this way, also I help them to take ownership of their learning.

Teaching is based on different things. One of them is paying attention to our instincts. I am glad I continued the lesson for a second day. I felt I was able to support the small group of students who needed the extra time and close proximity. I was able to redirect them when needed. Even though some of these students will need additional time to finish, what I noticed is that their conceptual understanding of comparing and contrasting is emerging and will only get stronger as the year progresses. I will continue to provide differentiated instruction


  Writing Across the Disciplines: Contrasting and Comparing
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Cinderella Here, Cinderella There, Cinderella Everywhere Day 4 of 5

Unit 1: Cinderella Unit
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWAT write comparing and contrasting sentences about two different versions of Cinderella stories.

Big Idea: Balls to attend! Clocks striking 12! What's the same? What's different?

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