Reflection: Student Ownership Cinderella Here, Cinderella There, and Cinderella Everywhere! Day 5 of 5 - Section 3: Independent Writing Time


What went well? I feel most of students were very successful with providing the evidence that supported why they liked a particular version better than the other. I feel the template helped their thinking. It helped to keep their writing moving along. They were not wasting time trying to think of how to start their next sentence.

It is wonderful when students make progress. One of the samples I am providing involves a student who has been struggling. First, I believe the template helped for him to work independently. Then, he provided an excellent reason as to what part in his selection was sad. This is very good progress for him.

Additionally, I liked very much how focused they were doing their reading of the Cinderella stories. Their enthusiasm is visible. This is the difference between reading stories from an anthology and reading entire books. As the week progressed the students became more comfortable about reading the Cinderella stories. Most of these stories are long and can be intimidating to my students at English Language Level 3. But I was very happy with how they grew in confidence about diving into the reading and consequently the writing.

What can improve?

Since this is the first time I gave this type of assignment, I let everyone use the template. I needed to have differentiated for my high level writers and give them less scaffolding to keep in line with the rigor the Common Core State Standards require. It is important to trust our students and know that they will be able to meet the challenges we give them.

  Student Ownership: Providing Evidence in their Writing
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Cinderella Here, Cinderella There, and Cinderella Everywhere! Day 5 of 5

Unit 1: Cinderella Unit
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWAT write about which Cinderella version they liked the best.

Big Idea: Cinderella: Bigfoot, a dog, a lily, and so many beautiful girls. Which one will I choose?

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