Reflection: Checks for Understanding Idioms are Easy as Pie! - Section 4: Idioms Match-Up - Individual Activity


I didn't realize how great of a tool this would be to see who was still struggling.  Students either zipped right through this activity with all correct answers, or they didn't understand idioms at all. I took the opportunity of pulling the kids who were struggling, back to the back table where I did some reteaching and worked through the activity together.  The rest of the students played another round of go fish when they finished.

  Idiom Match-Up Reflection
  Checks for Understanding: Idiom Match-Up Reflection
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Idioms are Easy as Pie!

Unit 8: Idioms are a Piece of Cake
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT identify idioms in text and match idioms with their meanings.

Big Idea: This is day two in our idiom unit where we will be "going the extra mile" by continuing to learn the meanings of common idioms.

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  45 minutes
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