Reflection: Checks for Understanding What is an Idiom? - Section 3: Idiom Game


Before the game, I went through the picture cards first and we discussed the meaning of each of the idioms.  I then read the meaning cards and asked the students to come up with the idiom that goes with that meaning.  I really thought that the students would struggle when it came to doing it backward, but they did great!  They we able to come up the the idiom for EVERY meaning card in the deck.  I was very impressed!

  Reflection on Cad Review Before Game
  Checks for Understanding: Reflection on Cad Review Before Game
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What is an Idiom?

Unit 8: Idioms are a Piece of Cake
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT identify idioms in literature and learn the meanings of commonly used idioms.

Big Idea: We are introducing students to the exiting world of idioms in this lesson.

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