Reflection: Joy Stories by the Fireside: Collaborative Book Covers of Fireside Poetry - Section 1: Intro & Welcome: It's The October Revolution!


Not every student is familiar with the October Revolution or the Julian calender, so today's activity allowed for a bit of cross-curricular teaching with history. It just happened that today was a quiz in A.P. European History; we joked that the students should bring up the Revolution and/or the calender, and get their teacher off topic to delay the quiz. Little things like this--collegiality between faculty, especially--models joy of learning and collaborating for the students.

  Revolutionary Thoughts
  Joy: Revolutionary Thoughts
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Stories by the Fireside: Collaborative Book Covers of Fireside Poetry

Unit 7: Literacy: Poetry by the Fireside (Romanticism Part I)
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT identify the details of Romantic poetry that craft poetic themes through collaborative discussion and the creation of a book cover poster.

Big Idea: Romanticism in Practice in Poetry: Imagination, Inspiration from Nature, and Individuality!

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English / Language Arts, Poetry, Literature, Romanticism, collaborative learning, Fireside Poets
  50 minutes
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