Reflection: Qualitative Evaluations Assessment: Quiz 1 Groupings, Arrays, & Factor Pairs Quiz - Section 3: Self Assessment Checklist


The quizzes I collected showed me that students have difficulty getting the idea of what the equation is really saying. Several showed me that they really don't understand what the big circle represents. They don't understand that it means 3 groups of 7. Several opted for circling the smaller amounts and making more groups. i.e. 7 groups of 3. This tells me I need to back up with these students and work with them to understand the language.

All of my students could draw an array.

Everyone could list factor pairs. They seem very strong at understanding where the commutative pair is and how to figure out unknown factors.

Student Self Assessment Data :Here is a photo of 6 of the 21 results from the survey. For some reason, it stopped working and so all of my data could not be collected in this way.

  Qualitative Evaluations: Using the data.
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Assessment: Quiz 1 Groupings, Arrays, & Factor Pairs Quiz

Unit 4: Concepts of Multiplication
Lesson 8 of 12

Objective: SWBAT show they know how to create factor pairs, draw arrays, and group using multiplication.

Big Idea: Students show what they know on a short quiz.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, factor pair, arrays, assessment, grouping, Operations
  45 minutes
quiz 1 arrays groups and factor
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