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Once we were able to get past the opening anxiety, I think each class relaxed. I thought it was funny that some students chose their adjective based on the first letter sound in their name, not the actual letter. So Juan introduced himself as Wonderful Juan.

I believe that my introduction breaks down barriers with my students. They see that I am a regular, approachable person who has likes, dislikes, and loves just like they do. My children are real and not fictional. I am just a normal person. When they found out they had to take a quiz, that shocks everyone. It is nice because it introduces them to the clicker system without the added stress of actually passing a quiz. It was also an eye opener that they have to pay attention in class, even to the small things.

It was a nice day because we were able to cover several things in such a short amount of time.

  First Day
  Shared Expectations: First Day
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First Day of School

Unit 1: Welcome to 7th Grade!
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWB introduced to me and to our classroom.

Big Idea: Students will know how the classroom and our learning will work this year.

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