Reflection: Checks for Understanding What Does It Mean To Be Human: Gathering Text Evidence (2 of 2) - Section 3: Student Work Time


I've included two examples of cards I read today.  The first one demonstrates a student who needs to develop her thought a little more.  Just saying that it is loss of innocence isn't enough.  I told her that I couldn't "hear" her thinking.  She needed to add another sentence to explain the connection between the text and her idea(s) of innocence.  

The second card, which is a good example, demonstrates a real understanding between what the text says about loss of innocence and her understanding (Beah doesn't see the world in the same way).  

As a Catch And Release moment, I put this card under the document camera as a good example of explaining how a text illustrates a theme and providing text evidence as proof.  


  Checks for Understanding: Reteaching
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What Does It Mean To Be Human: Gathering Text Evidence (2 of 2)

Unit 6: What It Means to be Human
Lesson 6 of 15

Objective: SWBAT Identify the theme and analyze how the theme is shaped by specific details of a text by using answer stems to explain a theme.

Big Idea: Can two texts about different subjects share the same theme?

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