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Today's lesson went well, but from my observations during the BINGO game as well as during the summary activity, I noted that students still need more practice with addition and subtraction being mixed.  They asked a lot of questions and still required a lot of reinforcement from me - I want my students to be more independent, so I think they need more practice.

In terms of practice, you may ask yourself why don't I just assign homework?  Well, I could - and, in fact, I originally had a homework assignment for this lesson, but I have since removed it and added it to the new lesson I am creating for tomorrow.  Homework would give students more practice, but from my observations in class, I am not sure that they would be practicing the skills correctly - which then homework would be doing more damage than good.  Thus, in reflecting on today's lesson, I am going to create a new lesson for tomorrow that gives students more opportunities to practice a mix of adding and subtracting, and then assign a homework if I see that students are more successful without my help.

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Subtracting Integers Practice - Can you subtract more than two integers?

Unit 4: Operations with Rational Numbers
Lesson 9 of 23

Objective: Students will be able to apply subtraction rules to solve problems with more than two integers.

Big Idea: Subtraction isn’t so bad with just two numbers, but what if you have 3, or 4? In this lesson students will work on their subtraction skills with multiple integers.

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