Reflection: Perseverance Discovering How to Learn Mathematics - Section 4: Ending the Class and Prepping for Tomorrow.


The exit slips were interesting to read. Some students were very honest and said that they never study.  Others told me that they wanted to learn to read the book before going to class.  From reading the exit slips, I could tell that the students had read the material or listened to the discussion.

The first example had a great idea of using post it notes as a tool when reading the book.  The second student discussed trying flashcards. Both of these students seemed to have some study skills.

The third slip started off saying he usually does not study and that he might try...which seems to suggest he may not study at first and could struggle in class.

This next set of exit slips seem to have a different outlook on how to study. Many students stated they wanted to learn how to use their book. Students were amazed with the suggestion of studying 45 to 60 minutes was a short period of time. The last exit slip in these examples talks about having more examples in class. I am not sure if the student wants time to work or me to make up problems and solve them in front of the class. This student may struggle with problem solving and I will have to work with this student on learning mathematics.

  Perseverance: Exit Slips
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Discovering How to Learn Mathematics

Unit 1: Introduction to Learning Mathematics
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Objective: SWBAT identify keys to learning math successfully

Big Idea: By reading and discussing articles on studying mathematics, students can better understand the skill set needed to be successful in math class.

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