Reflection: Flexibility Who is Esperanza and what shapes her identity in "The House on Mango Street"? - Section 5: Independent Reading


Here's where I needed to be flexible and realize that this wasn't the best use of time today. Students did not get to this part, and I decided that I needed to re-evaluate whether or not all students need to read the end of the book. My final decision--In order to be able to answer the essential question for Unit 1 "What shapes our Identity," they don't need to read every single page of the book. Check out Day 2 to see how I decided to end the unit.

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Who is Esperanza and what shapes her identity in "The House on Mango Street"?

Unit 5: The Search for Identity: "The House on Mango Street"
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Objective: SWBAT determine how Esperanza's observations, questions and experiences help shape Esperanza's identity by engaging in discussions and charting them.

Big Idea: Point me to it! Students work together to figure out the point of the book and answer its essential question.

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