Reflection: Grade Book and Data Analysis Cause and Effect: Prove what CAUSED your EFFECT - Section 3: Guided Practice


After yesterday’s lesson, I had put aside any sticky notes that showed student misunderstanding of Cause and Effect. Today, during our Guided Practice time, I pull those students in a strategy group to reteach and discuss the parts of their sticky notes that weren’t correct. This is also a good time to make sure the students in this group understand the directions on the Guide and I can offer them some assistance with it before they work on it on their own. Since we are working in a small group setting, it becomes very easy for me to identify their misconceptions and correct them in a way that each student might need. This Guided Practice time is critical to provide struggling students the extra support they might need to be successful with the week’s strategy.

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  Grade Book and Data Analysis: Sticky Note Grouping
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Cause and Effect: Prove what CAUSED your EFFECT

Unit 10: Cause and Effect Unit
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT prove their understanding of Cause and Effect through the use of an Assessment Guide that they will turn in for a grade.

Big Idea: Assessing the concept of Cause and Effect

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