Reflection: Checks for Understanding Cause and Effect: CAUSE your own EFFECT - Section 2: Mini-Lesson


On the days that I use the Post-It Parking Lot, I am able to do a very quick formative assessment to see how well students have grasped the week’s strategy. At the end of Reader’s Workshop, when I’m looking for good examples to share, I am also scanning to see if there are any students that have misconceptions about the strategy. If so, I pull those sticky notes off and put them on the side so I can work with those students in a strategy group the next day. This gives me one more opportunity to re-teach and practice the strategy before they have to show understanding on the Guides we will use and grade at the end of the week. Post-It Parking Lot is also a great resource to use with Writer’s Workshop, Math Workshop, Science, and Social Studies by posting questions or problems that the students can respond to and post for quick, informal assessments. 

  Post-It Parking Lot Assessment
  Checks for Understanding: Post-It Parking Lot Assessment
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Cause and Effect: CAUSE your own EFFECT

Unit 10: Cause and Effect Unit
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT practice Cause and Effect and identifying descriptive words with their own text independently

Big Idea: Independent practice with the concept of Cause and Effect

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