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I have been teaching for 16 years and -- as I am sure you know -- there have been many, many changes that have been implemented, adjusted, and removed during my career.  As we move into the CCSS, a lot of people seem to be conflating the emphasis on rigor with an emphasis on testing and away from authentic classroom experiences.

I disagree.

Perhaps, after all of these years and changes, I find a way to do what I believe and justify it with pretty much any new curricular framework.  Or there's always the possibility that I have it all wrong (any teacher who doesn't believe in that possibility is probably in the wrong field.)  But I believe that authentic classroom experiences -- such as the book talking that we were doing in this lesson -- is supported 100% by the CCSS.  And this is how I know...

#1  Are students engaged in activities that are focused on reading and writing?  Check.

#2  Are students using academic language?  Yep, we focused these talks around author's purpose (see Prepping for Book Talks, completed earlier this week.)

#3  Are students developing skills they need for college and career readiness?  Absolutely.  Talking, listening, and sharing ideas are all in every workplace and academic institution.

Good teachers know that "just talking" about books is more than that.  Every time a kid picks up a book, we take a step forward.

That's something upon which we all can agree.

  "Just" talking?
  Relevance: "Just" talking?
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Book Talks!

Unit 18: Independent Reading
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: SWBAT engage in peer-to-peer discussions about their favorite books.

Big Idea: The best way to get teens interested in books is through peer recommendations.

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